The Brave Files Podcast. Stories from people living courageously.

Stories from people living courageously

The Brave Files is a podcast showcasing people who have made brave decisions, pushed past the fear and triumphed! They are stories from every day people that inspire, entertain and motivate.

It is super exciting to announce that the show will be LIVE on April 12th!  I cannot wait to share these inspiring stories with you. It is such an honor and privilege to be able to talk with my guests who have all stepped out of their fear and into bravery. Real stories. Real people. Real inspiration. 

The Brave Files Podcast launches on Thursday, April 12th!

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If you have a story of bravery you want to share, we would love to hear from you. Apply to be a guest here.

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Music composition and production by vocalist and multi-insrumentalist (and all around amazing fella) Matt Lewis. As owner and founder of Union Music LLC, Matt is dedicated to transforming and elevating events in Chicago and across the country with very best in live music.  Check out The Union Band Chicago

Additional offered services include: voiceover music composition for film, tv, and podcasts.
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Julienne DesJardins, a strategist for small business owners. You’ve already made that brave decision to start your own business. Now it’s time to stop trying to do it all alone. Julienne is certified with Infusionsoft and ConvertKit, and she helps small businesses craft and implement automation plans.

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Frizz Marketing is honored to sponsor the Brave Files and to support stories of triumph, in both large endeavors and everyday courage. Frizz Marketing is a boutique marketing firm that offers tailored services to small businesses and nonprofits. We specialize in email marketing, creative content, and marketing strategy. We help you stand out from the back by distilling your organization's authentic voice and story, and getting it in front of your specific target audience. Frizz offers both project-based and ongoing marketing support.

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