An Ally In Verb Form

Intersectionality. Empathy. Ally.  

For Anthony Clark, helping others is just what you do. Serving in the military, becoming an educator through the Troops to Teachers program, creating the Suburban Unity Alliance to support his community of Oak Park, Illinois, and becoming a co-owner of Neighbors United LLC to employ at-risk youth would be more than enough for most people. But Anthony, who was raised with “the constant desire to want to do more,” doesn’t know the meaning of the word “enough” when it comes to fighting racism, sexism, ableism, gay rights, poverty and other forms of oppression.

In this week’s episode, Anthony reflects on the gifts of his parents’ sacrifice, the experiences of running for a seat in the U.S. Congress (which he plans to do again and you can support him here), and the risks that go along with trying to change the system, one small step at a time. It was truly an honor to interview Anthony. He is a man of integrity and passion. I proudly campaigned for him and support his organizations. I believe that with more people like Anthony standing up in the worlds, there is hope for us yet.

Top Takeaways

  • There is always someone out there who could use your help
  • To be an ally is to listen and support — not to lead
  • Society’s systemic problems can only be solved when we all work together
  • Discomfort and inconvenience are poor excuses for supporting oppression
  • We can have the biggest impact right in our own community

Giving is Good!

In addition to his own organization, Neighbors United LLC, Anthony supports the Black Lives Matter movement.  And a reminder from me, Black Lives still matter. 

The Brave Files. Learn how to live bravely. Click through to listen how to Anthony Clark is living courageously as a social justice warrior.

Anthony's Bio

Raised in Oak Park, Illinois, to a working-class family, Anthony Clark is a military veteran, high school special education teacher and active community organizer. In the summer of 2016, Anthony founded the Suburban Unity Alliance, an organization dedicated to combating discrimination by raising awareness and bringing communities together based on common interests and community goals. He believes it’s time this country lives up to its promise of liberty and justice for all.

Anthony is here to work with you in the fight for Medicare for all, criminal justice reform, public education reform and responsible job creation. As your congressman representing Illinois’ 7th district, he will be your voice in Washington that insists healthcare is a human right and will work to fulfill your hope for a better future.

As Anthony's grandfather Choom often quoted from Muhammad Ali, "Service to others is the rent you pay for room here on earth." and Anthony believes it's time to rent to own.

 Anthony is always the first to march in  any  fight for justice and equality. He says "Your fight is my fight just as my fight must be yours."

Anthony is always the first to march in any fight for justice and equality. He says "Your fight is my fight just as my fight must be yours."

 A local campaign  canvas party for Anthony.

A local campaign  canvas party for Anthony.