Empowered and Ready for Action


Vickery & Co is launching its first online course, Empowered and Ready for Action. In this course we will help you get clear about what you want in life and business, get unstuck from what’s holding you back, and create actionable plans to get you into motion. Together, we will create systems, strategies, and boundaries to convert your wants — dreams — into a reality.

Are you ready to kick 2017 into high gear? 

This group will require work and will be interactive. You have complete control over the value received, as it will be determined by your level of participation. This won't just be another informational course, but a transformational one. The end goal is that your life and business are actually different at the end of the nine-week session.

Let’s get you Empowered and Ready for Action!

The first section will be emailed to you by February 1, 2017. All homework must be submitted before the first coaching session and before you receive subsequent sections. There will be a group, 1-hour, coaching call after each of the three main sessions, so three (3) coaching calls in total. A full list of scheduled coaching calls will be released prior to February 1. 

I am asking you to take this journey with me. We will grow and learn together. You will be part of the first group that is "Empowered and Ready for Action." This is an important opportunity to not only transform yourself but help me fine-tune the course so others can do the same. We have a very specific, curated, group of entrepreneurs (yes, that is you!). I am offering a limited number of spots at a killer rate of $469.00. Jump onboard with us and let's kick some serious ass in 2017!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment for this course? You will be required to participate in the weekly, 1-hour,  coaching session. Additional time commitment will depend on how much effort you want to put into the actual work. The work should be easily completed in 30 minutes to an hour. 

Is this course only for business owners? No! I have designed the course to meet each and every person at their current level of need. 

How far along in my business do I need to be for this course to be valuable? The course is designed to help everyone, whether you have a brand new business idea, want to take a current project to the next level or achieve a new level of personal success - - there is something in this course for everyone.

How do I access the course? The course will be accessible on a mac or pc. It would be difficult to do it on a mobile device. 

What does the homework entail? Week to week, the assignments will vary. When done with intention, the homework should be easily completed in 30 minutes to an hour each week. 

How many people will be in the group? Because this is a curated group of creative thought leaders, I will be hand picking the participants. We will have no more than 7 people in the group.

Will my information be private? Yes! No one else will have access to your homework. Each participant will sign a confidentiality agreement so that items discussed during the coaching call will remain private. 

Where do I have to be to take this course? Because the course is web based, you can live anywhere in the world and participate. All coaching sessions will happen in the central standard time zone.

What are the course outcomes? Your wildest dreams! You will get out of the course what you put into it and the possibility for growth is endless.


Please reach out with any additional questions. 
You can contact me at heather@vickeryandco.com or 312-994-2321.